Environmentally Friendly Materials

The essence of Magic Float lies in the material it is composed of, which does not biodegrade with the passage of time. In other words the material is environmentally neutral, meaning that it is not effected by, nor does it affect the water environment where it is used, whether salt or fresh water, being also exceptionally durable to sunlight radiation.

Besides HDPE, any metal accessories used are composed entirely of stainless steel, material which is as well exceptionally durable and neutral in the marine environment.

The use of wood to pave mobile stainless steel frame gangways, used to access the floating structures from land, refers to natural organic material.

Limited shore disturbance.

The concept of a floating pier, jetty or pontoon, in itself, creates minimal if any disturbance to the marine ecosystem. It does not interfere with natural water circulation (sea currents), nor does it affect the natural flora or fauna of the seabed. Its installation does not interfere in any way with the shoreline, as required by relevant legislature.