Advantages of Magic Float


The deeply embossed – non slip – surface of the cubes relieves Magic Float structures from dangers of trauma associated with falls due to slippage. Magic float surfaces are totally free from wood splinters or protruding rusty nail or screw ends, that can become a serious hazard to bare feet.

Functionality - Flexibility

Magic Float systems offer unlimited uses and applications.


Maintenance costs are minimal.


High density polyethylene remains unaffected from seawater, oxidation, solar radiation (UV), chemicals and oils.


Any Magic Float configuration can be quickly altered, involving labor of only two people. The ease with which change in shape and all three dimensions can occur, as well as size expansion or reduction, is unparalleled when compared to conventional non modular systems.

Modularity = Unsurpassed mobility

After disconnection from its mooring lines, the systems’ modular design gives it the ability to divide in smaller units, that can then be easily and costlessly transferred by hand from sea to shore and vice versa, without the need of having to use cranes or other lifting and carrying equipment.