Why Magic Float?

In contrast to the other modular floating systems which are based on the “first generation model” - cubes with flat vertical sides - a concept that has been in the market for the last twenty to thirty years, MAGIC FLOAT’S RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT team, responding to 21st century’s call for more robust systems, able to withstand the rigors of the marine environment, has invented the structural configuration of the system’s basic building block - the cube - which does just that.

1. Innovative design – Leading edge

Due to the combination of special indentations and protrusions found on all vertical sides of MAGIC FLOAT cubes, which interlock during assembly, the continuous horizontal stress forces received by the structure from wave action, mainly acting upon the connecting pins holding the system together, are greatly minimized, for significant friction forces are introduced between all sides of the cubes!

It is this development that MAGIC FLOAT has patented internationally, for a system is hereby offered, far superior than anything similar found in the market today !!!

2. Excellent raw material

The raw material from which MAGIC FLOAT products are made, is high density, high molecular weight polyethylene HDPE Lupolen 5261, produced in Germany.

3. Reinforced connection points

The cubes’ 4 interconnection protrusions (ears) consist of solid 20mm thick HDPE with a certified breaking limit of 2,400 kgf each.

4. More material

Each MAGIC FLOAT cube is comprised from 7 kg (+/- 5%) of HDPE and this translates to greater wall thickness, offering notable hardness and durability to the system, which can be felt while walking on it.

There is no match to this yet in the market. Make the comparison, weigh them all!

5. Enhanced Floatation

MAGIC FLOAT leads floatation in the market, able to hold up to 360 kg/m2.