Become familiar with Magic Float products

The innovative, avant-garde design and assembly method of the Magic Float System is protected internationally by the most reputable patent issuing organizations:

     1. Europe - Patent No.0831025 000234331-0001
     2. Republic of China (Taiwan) - Patent No.104927 146955 152439
     3. People's Republic of China - Patent No.982418884 200430090109.6
     4. United States of America - Patent No.5865559
     5. Japan - Patent No.2991289
     6. Australia - Patent No.675762 680168
     7. Indonesia - Patent No.A00200200629~631
     8. Philippine - Patent No.198800557

The Magic Float System can be used for a multitude of applications such as:
Hotel / Camping / Public / Marina installations

Boat docking
Hydroplane docking
Access corridors in rough coasts


Access corridors in rough coasts
Swimming piers
Marine sport jetties


Jet ski on dock platforms
Boat on dock platforms
Windsurfing take off and return platforms


Marine / Estuarine floating parks
Sea border marking
Diving jetties


Work platforms
Floating advertisement platforms
On the water platforms for cultural events (i.e. concerts, shows)


Floating water gardens
Walkways connecting land with islands or islands
Fish cages, walkways / platforms for fish farms