Frequently Ask Questions

How long will it take to get our new Magic Float?
Magic Float products are in-stock at our local distributors / dealers and ready to be delivered. Most docks can be delivered and installed right away so you can begin enjoying them immediately.
Can the dock be installed, or will I have to do it myself?
Our distributors / dealers can deliver and install your dock for you. You can also install it yourself. Most docks can be installed in a day with just you and a helper.
What special tools are required to install Magic Float?
An in-water coupler installation tool and a coupler nut tool are the only special tools required to assemble the Magic Float sections. A hammer, ratchet, 15/16” wrench or socket, and a Phillips head screwdriver are also needed.
What is inside the Magic Float sections?
The Magic Float one-piece sections contain no fillers or foam for floatation. Their patented, uniquely engineered design forms chambers that displace water and trap air for buoyancy.
How hot to the touch does Magic Float get in the summer?
The light color of Magic Float helps keep the dock surfaces cooler than just about any other dock surface available.
What about Ultraviolet Radiation (UV) exposure in the sun?
Magic Float uses UV-8 inhibitor in all of its products. These inhibitors range from UV-1 being the lowest protection to UV-8 being the highest protection. We also produce an extremely thick product (3/8” average thickness-1950 psi puncture strength).
How much maintenance can I expect with my Magic Float?
Magic Float will provide a long-life of relatively maintenance-free enjoyment. Normally a good rain from Mother Nature is all that is required to keep the dock clean. A wash with soap and water or pressure washer from time to time may be needed to keep the dock looking new.
What about anchoring my Magic Float?
Magic Float offers several anchoring options to keep your floating dock safe and secure in any conditions. Pipes, deadweight anchors, piling brackets, and stiff arms are among the anchoring options available to you. Magic Float offers anchoring hardware to accommodate both freshwater and saltwater situations.
Are dock surfaces slick when they are wet?
The Magic Float surfaces have a non-skid texture molded into the dock sections. The docks also have grooves to channel the water away. These two features work together to provide safe footing, even when the surfaces are wet.
Will it damage my boat or personal watercraft?
Magic Float is manufactured from low-density polyethylene that will not damage the finish on any boat or PWC. Accessory features like bumpers and edging are also available.
What about a gangway from the shore to the Magic Float?
Magic Float offers various gangway options to include: hardware kits that allow you to build your own wooden gangway with 2” x 12” boards (not included); polyethylene gangways up to 18’; and various aluminium gangways.
What is the freeboard height for Magic Float?
Dock sections are 15” high and relatively light weight so they only draft approximately 1 1/2”-2” of water resulting in a nice 13” - 13 ½” freeboard height.
What about the environment?
Magic Float is made to be an environmentally friendly product that you can put on the water. Our dock sections do not rust, splinter, dissolve, or have any paint or chemicals that can leach out and harm the environment. In addition, Magic Float couplers are made of rubber from recycled tires!
Why should I buy Magic Float instead of a traditional floating dock?

Magic Float is a very rugged and durable product that provides excellent long term value compared to traditional docks because:

Durable & Low Maintenance - Magic Float sections are made out of Linear Low Density Polyethylene which provides excellent durability and low maintenance versus traditional floating docks. It is basically maintenance free so you never have to worry about boards splitting, splinters, nails, screws, staining, etc.

Stability - Magic Float’s patented design has a series of open pylons on the bottom that that essentially “suction” the dock to the water providing the most stable plastic floating dock on the market. Traditional floating docks have floatation under approximately 50-60% of the walking surface thus it gives a barrel and roll effect every time a wave or wake passes under a float.

Modular - Magic Float has various size dock sections that have uniformly spaced coupler pockets every ~20” around the perimeter. The sections can easily assembled into various configurations using dog-boned shaped recycled rubber couplers. The modularity allows Magic Float to be easily reconfigured or added on to in the future...

Coupler System - The recycled rubber couplers used to connect the Magic Float Sections have 4000 lbs. shear strength and provide a stable yet flexible connection between the sections. When strong wave action is present, the couplers absorb the shock rather than the dock sections. If the wave action becomes too severe the couplers are designed to break before the plastic dock section so that the repair is replacing a coupler(s) rather than large dock sections. Traditional floating docks are assembled with floatation attached to a rigid frame and decking on top. The sections are typically assembled with bolts, nuts, screws, nails, etc. This design doesn’t allow for flexibility or shock absorption and can be severely damaged when exposed to strong wave action.