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Technological Innovation

"Due to the special indentations found on all vertical sides of Magic Float cubes..."

High durability, limited maintenance needs, endurance to collisions, no rust...

Inspired Design

“Configurations and colors that stisfy every need”

Smooth, aesthetically finished surface, choice and combinations of color designs...

Unlimited Functionality

“Limit to Magic Float designs can only be set by fantasy...”

Manual assembly / disassembly / storage, ability to change shape and size...

Welcome to Magic Float Pakistan

MAGIC FLOAT Pakistan  is the exclusive distributor of Magic Float ® products for Pakistan.

MAGIC FLOAT ® is the leading manufacturer of floating modular systems, for the construction of floating piers, jetties, pontoons, floating marinas and more.

South Asian Resources Group with its vision to be the leader in marine technologies partnered with Magic Float Enterprises Taiwan in 2009 the manufacturers of modular floating system Magic Float, a technological innovation consolidated with patents internationally. (Europe, U.S.A., Japan, PRC and more). more...